About Doula UK

Doula UK is a network of doulas run voluntarily by doulas.

The network started in February 2001 and is a non-profitmaking organisation.

Our aims are to promote the role of doulas, to improve communication between doulas, and to advance our understanding of birth and the postnatal period. Our network has a Philosophy, sets standards and has a Code of Conduct which all members adhere to.

We are governed by our Memorandum and Articles of Association (see downloads at bottom of this page). At the beginning of 2004, we introduced a "Recognition Process" for doulas in the UK where we have established a distinction between doulas who have simply registered with us, and those who are "recognised" as having attained a particular level of learned skills and experience. We also have a Complaints Procedure, which amongst other things, allows us to audit our membership and maintain good practice.

If you want to employ a doula, and would like to know how you go about it, please read these guidelines. You can search for a doula here.

At the end of 2008, we carried out a Doula UK survey of our members. Amongst other things it shows the benefits of having a doula like the reduction of caesarean sections from 22% in the NHS to 10% of births when supported by a doula. Another interesting result was that just 15% of mothers supported by a doula had an epidural (compared to a 33% national average).

We hope you enjoy browsing our site, and would welcome any comments or enquiries you may have.

Batik BirthOur first ever meeting of doulas from around the UK took place in London in February 2001. In April 2001 we asked doulas and wanna-be doulas who wanted to see the association be established to contribute voluntarily to start-up costs. We received many payments and this has helped us to set up the website, PO Box, pay for printing and postage of newsletters etc....

Since that time our network has steadily grown and we have now developed our website further and have an online community of doulas within the UK (which includes a few members who have now left the UK to go overseas!) Within this online community we offer encouragement and support to one another and share ways of raising awareness about our wonderful doula role.