Becoming a Doula


If you are interested in becoming a doula, you are not alone. With over 500 members and a solid reputation as the leading network of doulas in the UK, our numbers and the public’s awareness of the work we do grows steadily each year.

Pregnant women and their partners are increasingly hearing and learning about the benefits of doula support, as are health care professionals and the media. We welcome and embrace women joining our ranks from a diverse range of backgrounds, all of whom have a variety of reasons for being drawn to birth and postnatal support.

However, there is more to consider when thinking of becoming a doula than just which course to take. We feel strongly that women with the desire to support mothers and families at the time of birth should undertake a period of self-examination and reflection in which personal experiences and prejudices are thoroughly debriefed and then put to one side so that each doula enters into her work with a clear mind, heart and motivation.

Check List of Steps to Start Your Doula Journey

  1. Read the ‘Journey to Being a Doula’ page.
  2. Strongly consider attending the ‘Introduction to the Work of a Doula’ workshop.
  3. From the list of approved Doula Preparation Courses listed, choose those that appeal, study all the details on the providers’ websites. Then, whilst looking for ‘fit’ rather than convenience if possible, book onto a course.
  4. Attend your chosen Course, complete post course modules.  If satisfactory you will receive your course attendance certificate and a DUK joining number.
  5. Join DUK via the website – £45 per year plus, £10 if you want a doulaography.
  6. Receive and read your DUK Welcome Pack.
  7. In ‘Documents to Download’ read DUK Philosophy, Code of Conduct and other Policies and Procedures.
  8. Find a Doula Mentor, send her your completed Aide Memoire and have the initial conversation with her.
  9. When you have agreed to work together your details go live on the Find a Doula pages.
  10. Commence the Recognition Process with DUK – a MINIMUM of four births and/or postnatal jobs. Fees for the DM are £40 per birth or postnatal record (though you will only be charged for four reports -£160) plus £40 for the final recognition interview (total £200). A birth AND postnatal doula will need to budget for a total of £400.

Those who attend an Introductory Workshop and subsequently complete a course and become members of Doula UK will be offered a £10 discount on their first year’s membership fees. Courses accepted by Doula UK have been observed and evaluated by experienced doulas and embrace our ethos and core curriculum.

Best wishes as you begin your journey.

photo of doulas in discussionJourney to Being a Doula

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Joining Doula UK

Have you already completed a course? Find out how to join Doula UK here.

List of Doula UK Approved Courses

Courses that are approved by Doula UK follow the Core Curriculum designed by Doula UK's experienced doulas.