Pamela Rogers - Doula Profile

Services, recognition & locations served

Recognised Birth Doula since 01/07/11
Recognised Postnatal Doula since 1/07/11
Lives in:
Denham, Middlesex
Works in:
Greater London
London North
London West
London North East
London North West
Other services offered include:

Pre & Postnatal Massage, Breathe To A Better Birth Classes, Bengkung Belly Bind & Sealing Ceremonies, Reiki

Languages I speak (other than English): German
More information about availability & area covered:

I work in and around London as well as Middlesex and Bucks and Herts


About me: 


I'm a mother of three gorgeous children, twins (a boy and girl) and another boy soon after.  I live in Denham, Middlesex and love being a mother.  My family and friends sure do light up my life. My ‘smiley eyes’ husband has been my rock for 17 years and I have three amazing kids who keep me grounded, keep me young and keep me smiling.

I love spending time with friends and family, laughing and having fun together, building beautiful memories together. 

I  meditate every days and also do yoga a lot of the time. I'm spiritual and open hearted I find that if I don't connect with myself or don't give myself the time to do anything then I feel so dis-connected.  I love going for walks in the woods and always try and see beauty in most things.  

My other love in life is music... My heart sings with joy when I sit alone and write songs, my stories... weather it's playing the piano or my beautiful sweet sounding guitar - its my way of letting go, being creative, expressing and releasing. 


My Philosophy: 

Ever since I was young I can remember being intrigued by the whole concept of birth and babies – as it turns out now it’s a part of my life’s path! One that runs parallel to my very creative spirit and my dedication ‘to serve’.

I love my job as a birth and postnatal doula and feel so honoured and to be invited to births as a birthing partner. I always try to be conscious of how wonderfully mindblowing life is and what beautiful gifts and miracles have been bestowed upon us. For me, it's about empowering and supporting women as she walk this path into motherhood and bringing new awareness to her journey, its about helping her to be well informed, well prepared and well supported during this time.  This will truly make her journey more easier and joyful knowing that she has made informed decisions.  

For me there’s a deep feeling of satisfaction and gratitude when you’re supporting a labouring women, whether it’s emotionally or practically.  I love creating and holding the space so she can find her rhythm and her inner core and birth they way she wants to. I feel support is so important during birth and it doesn't matter if you want a natural birth or with drugs, the support system is ever so important and with this I’ll encourage you to connect deeply and birth with your deepest instincts.

Experience & Specialities: 

I am fully recognised with Doula UK, Birth and Postnatally.

I live in Denham and travel and support all around London, Middlesex, Greater London and surrounding areas.   I am also happy to travel further afield if that's whats needed too.   

If our paths don’t cross personally then I wish you the very best as you walk this path of pregnancy - with blessings Pammie x

What's the difference between a recognised and a mentored doula?

Mentored doulas

A Mentored Doula has completed a Doula UK approved Preparation Course and is involved in Doula UK's Recognition Process. This means that she has a Mentor providing support and supervision within a framework for reflective practice until she has gained sufficient experience to become a Recognised Doula. A Mentored Doula's fees reflect her previous and current experience, her expenses and the going rate in her area.

Recognised doulas

A Recognised Doula has been evaluated by a Doula UK Doula Mentor at the end of the Recognition Process, as having sufficient experience to practise without on-going mentoring. Doula UK nevertheless continues to provide support for all its members.


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