Sally Cropper - Doula Profile

Services, recognition & locations served

Recognised Birth Doula since 26/04/2010
Recognised Postnatal Doula since 26/04/2010
Lives in:
Brighton, East Sussex
Works in: Home Counties - South
Other services offered include:

Placenta Remedies Specialist incl encapsulation; Breastfeeding Peer Supporter; Doula Mentor

More information about availability & area covered:

Based in Brighton, I cover all areas of Mid, East and West Sussex; Brighton & Hove, Lewes, Worthing, Haywards Heath and surrounding


About me: 

I am the mother of one gorgeous, beautiful daughter, born 1997 in water at the Royal Sussex County Hospital in Brighton. I was fortunate enough to have my mother and sister with me throughout my labour and birth and as a result, I now fully understand and appreciate the positive impact of having the uninterrupted support of trusted women with me at this precious and wondrous time.

I moved to Brighton from London in 1995 and love the sense of freedom and space that living by the sea provides.

Before becoming a doula I worked for Europe's biggest B2B media company as sales director for one of their market leading products. A complete change of direction on the surface, however underlying is my absolute passion for working closely with people, building and maintaining a positive and nurturing environment and above all encouraging them to have total belief in their own ability. Coupled with my love for children and a fascination for the wonder of pregnancy, labour and childbirth, what better way to channel this passion than supporting mothers through this most precious journey.

By nature I am calm, capable, friendly, knowledgeable, positive, supportive, encouraging and loyal. I love meeting new people and tend to settle in with them very quickly. Labour, birth and early parenthood can be deeply emotional and spiritual experiences for both parents and to be invited to support you in your journey would be an absolute privilege.

My Philosophy: 

For me, motherhood is the ultimate accolade to be embraced and enjoyed to the full. I believe that women are beautifully and perfectly formed to give birth and that babies are beautifully and perfectly formed to be born, however I also understand that circumstances, beliefs or personal desires can deviate from a more natural birth route. As your doula I would unquestioningly support you in whatever direction your journey takes you, whole-heartedly support you in any decisions you make and provide you with non-judgmental, comprehensive information in order for you to make informed decisions.

Based in Hove, I can offer services to you as a birth and/or postnatal doula if you live in East or West Sussex. I am also a fully qualified Placenta Encapsulation Specialist and can prepare your precious placenta for encapsulation or make a placenta tincture or essence for you which will last a lifetime.

Experience & Specialities: 

I have extensive experience of home births, both first babies and subsequent babies, in and out of water. I have supported hospital births in Brighton, Haywards Heath, Worthing, Chichester and Eastbourne including an elective caesarean. I have supported a number of successful VBACs in and out of water at hospital and at home.

Postnatally I have a wide range of experience including the support of breastfed newborn twins.

Since qualifying as a Placenta Specialist, I have enabled over 250 new mothers to benefit from their precious placentas in a variety of ways with amazing results.

What's the difference between a recognised and a mentored doula?

Mentored doulas

A Mentored Doula has completed a Doula UK approved Preparation Course and is involved in Doula UK's Recognition Process. This means that she has a Mentor providing support and supervision within a framework for reflective practice until she has gained sufficient experience to become a Recognised Doula. A Mentored Doula's fees reflect her previous and current experience, her expenses and the going rate in her area.

Recognised doulas

A Recognised Doula has been evaluated by a Doula UK Doula Mentor at the end of the Recognition Process, as having sufficient experience to practise without on-going mentoring. Doula UK nevertheless continues to provide support for all its members.


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