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Doula UK issues statement on unassisted births with doulas present

Doula UK has released a statement on Unassisted Births with Doulas Present. This is in response to confusion following the publication of the (2014) updated Doula UK Code of Conduct for doula members, which no longer specifically mentions unassisted childbirth, and subsequent erroneous public statements about Doula UK.


Unassisted childbirth – the process of intentionally giving birth without the assistance of a medical or professional birth attendant – is a decision made by a very small percentage of parents. . . . read more

Increased Breastfeeding Rates Could Save Millions

Could Doulas Be Part of the Solution?

Doula UK welcomes the publication of a report making clear that the NHS would save millions if women were supported to breastfeed longer.

Currently, 81% of new mothers start breastfeeding in the UK, but only 7% are still feeding with breast milk alone at four months. The researchers behind the new report pointed out that surveys have shown that most women stopped before they would like to because of problems. . . . read more

Doula UK welcomes the publication of updated NICE Guidelines on Care During Birth

New NICE Guidelines Offer Women Much-Needed Choice

Today NICE publishes its eagerly awaited updated guidance on 'Intrapartum care: care of healthy women and their babies during childbirth'.

The guidance includes recommendations that commissioners should ensure that all 4 birth settings (homebirth and free-standing midwifery led centre, as well as hospital and alongside midwifery unit) are available to all women, that low-risk women should be advised that birth outside of hospital is particularly suitable for them and that in all birth settings there is a culture of respect for each woman as an individual undergoing a significant and emotionally intense life experience. . . . read more

Infant Feeding Survey to be cancelled

Doula UK understands that the Infant Feeding Survey for 2015 is to be cancelled, a move that is shocking and disappointing.

The UK Infant Feeding Survey (IFS) has been conducted every five years since 1975. The 2015 IFS would have been the ninth national survey of infant feeding practices to be conducted. The main aim of the survey was to provide estimates on the incidence, prevalence, and duration of breastfeeding and other feeding practices adopted by mothers in the first eight to ten months after their baby was born. The IFS provides hugely important information for anyone needing to develop policies or do research on infant feeding in the UK, as well as providing an update on how policies and the state of the UK are impacting on infant feeding. . . . read more

Doula UK calls for more investment in NHS Maternity Services as Midwives Strike

Midwives have gone on strike for the first time in 133 years

Doula UK is calling on the UK Government to put more investment in maternity services, as midwives strike for the first time.

Today, midwives have joined thousands of other NHS staff in in a four-hour walkout, in a dispute over the Government’s decision to deny NHS staff an across-the-board 1-per-cent pay rise this year.

It is the first time members of the Royal College of Midwives (RCM) have gone on strike in the 133-year history of the organisation. . . . read more

Doulas Supporting Every Birth: Baby Loss Awareness Week 2014

October 9th to 15th is Baby Loss Awareness Week. This is organised by a number of pregnancy and baby loss charities. It is a special opportunity to mark the brief lives of babies lost in pregnancy, or during or shortly after birth.

Doulas may play a role in supporting parents through pregnancy and baby loss. Doula UK supports Baby Loss Awareness Week 2014 and the work of pregnancy and baby loss organisations.

Michelle Every, Doula UK doula and facilitator of 'Supporting Every Birth' an interactive workshop for doulas looking at supporting both clients and themselves through all birth journeys including baby loss, said: . . . read more

Tickets on sale for our 2015 Conference

Tickets are now on sale for 'Positive Birth. Supporting Families: The Doula UK Conference 2015'.

This, our 3rd annual conference, will be held on Tuesday 24 March 2015, as part of World Doula Week. For the first time, the event will be held outside London, at the Ramada Sutton Coldfield hotel, Birmingham.

Full details of the event are available on the Conference page or click the button below to buy tickets through Eventbrite. . . . read more

Placenta Services Should Remain an Option for New Mothers


Monday 14 July 2014


Placenta Services Should Remain an Option for New Mothers

Doula UK does not support the recent FSA classification of placentas as a novel food.

Consuming the placenta or after-birth is a normal part of birth and recovery from birth for many mammals. Historically, instances of human mothers consuming the placenta after birth have been reported across the world. Since the 1970s/1980s, midwives, and other people working with new mothers, have enabled mothers in the US, UK and Europe to consume their placentas. . . . read more

Doula UK Responds to RCM Pressure Points Report

Doula UK Responds to Pressure Points Survey

Doula Schemes can Provide Vital Support to New Mothers

  . . . read more

A Fitting End to World Doula Week

As Doula of the Year Shortlist Announced


World Doula Week 2014 is ending with the fitting announcement of the shortlist for the MaMa Doula of the Year Award. . . . read more

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