Doula Access Fund

The Doula UK Access Fund covers the expenses of Doula UK doulas volunteering to work with local clients in financial hardship, enabling those on a very low income to have the support of a doula.

Who Is Eligible?

The Doula UK Access Fund is only available to:

  • women who have a total household income of £16,000 or less, and:

    • are in receipt of means-tested benefits
    • or have a referral from a health professional, for example from a midwife or GP, stating why you would benefit from the support of a doula as well as confirmation that you have an annual total household income below £16,000.
  • women referred from a Doula UK Charitable Partner, providing services to women without income, such as organisations providing refuge to women escaping domestic abuse or refugees. If you are in contact with, or work for, such an organisation, but have not previously worked with Doula UK, please contact us.


The Access Fund can only be used when hiring a Doula UK registered doula.

Getting help from the Access Fund

If you would like assistance from a birth or postnatal doula and feel you may be eligible to access this Fund, please get in touch with our Doula UK Access Fund administrator, Bara Stastna, by email on accessfund [at] doula [dot] org [dot] uk. She will then send you an application form and assist you with any queries you may have. Finding and choosing a doula will be up to you, though Bara and your local Doula UK Area Rep may be able to help if you struggle. While we would love to be able to guarantee that you will find a doula, unfortunately it isn't always possible, especially if it is last minute. Please contact accessfund [at] doula [dot] org [dot] uk (Bara) as early as possible, to give you as much time as possible to find a doula.

Supporting the Access Fund

Contributions to the Doula UK Access Fund are always gratefully received.

Perhaps you are a doula who agrees that a doula should be an option for every woman who wants one? Perhaps you hired a doula yourself and would like to help others get the benefits you enjoyed? Supporting the Doula UK Access Fund enables us to support more woman.

If you would like to make a donation please either:

  • send a cheque payable to ‘Doula UK’, with your name, address and telephone number clearly written on the reverse or on the enclosed documentation to: Doula UK Ltd, 116 Forest Road London E8 3BH.
  • or donate online here.


Please ensure that you write that your donation is specifically for the ‘Doula Access Fund’ so that it will not get included with general running costs income.

Thank you
Doula UK Board of Directors